iPad Lending Program

The iPad project is a partnership between South Melbourne StarHealth, Council's Diversity and Inclusion Section and Emerald Hill Library.

38 iPads have been purchased with grant funding and these are now available for loan to residents living in Park Towers, Emerald Hill Court and Raglan Street.

iPad Lending Program

The initiative has been identified as a much-needed digital inclusion project to overcome disadvantage in the community through getting residents online and developing their digital literacy. Providing iPads for loan will enable residents to connect to the internet, participate more fully in the digital economy, have access to online services and be able to communicate more widely using digital technologies

The iPads have been set up as a special collection and there is a separate borrower category to enable eligible residents to borrow the iPads. Patrons can borrow the iPads for a 4-week period, and this can be extended by library staff if the iPad is not booked by another borrower. Each iPad will come in a kit pack with a charging plug and cable and a detailed user guide for using the iPad

Residents who are borrowing the iPads and are not familiar with using them can attend small group training sessions. These will be provided by the Elwood and St Kilda Neighbourhood Learning Centre, at Emerald Hill Library. These sessions will go through the user guide outlining the basics of using the device, with troubleshooting hints and information. 

Contact Us

For more information about this project please contact Peter Conlon on

Email: peter.conlon@portphillip.vic.gov.au

Phone: 03 9209 6611