Author Talk: Fiona Basile

Chat with Fiona Basile about her new book "Immerse", and her love of photography, water, and community.

Melbourne bayside photographer and writer, Fiona Basile, has just released her latest book," Immerse".  Immerse is a stunning 144-page photographic book celebrating the beauty of a special open water swimming community in Seaford, with swimmers coming from near and far.  

When Melbourne was locked down for many months during the 2020/2021 COVID pandemic, locals found solace in the soothing waters of the bay, and in the fellowship and friendships that formed during this time. Amidst the seascapes and open water photographs, 35 inspiring swimmers share how open water swimming has improved their health and wellbeing, and zest for life, while fostering a deep sense of community, connection, care and gratitude. 

When and Where:
Thursday 16 May
6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Port Melbourne Library

This book is an invitation to dive in, to immerse yourself in the inky, deep waters and join in celebrating this special community, and all that it brings. 

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