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We offer ongoing adult book clubs and activities throughout the year.

Adult book clubs

Reading doesn’t have to be a solitary passion.

If you like to talk about books you’ve read and enjoy sharing your ideas with like-minded folks, then why not think about joining a book club?

The library currently supports 11 clubs who meet once a month from March to November to discuss books covering a range of styles and subjects, with an initial catch up meeting in February to receive the first book and meet your fellow group members.

The library supplies book sets for each meeting, and the annual fee for book club membership is $20.00 (waived for 2021). The library selects new titles each year to ensure that book clubs have fresh, popular and engaging titles to discuss each month.

Each group appoints a convenor who looks after attendance and liaises between the library and the club. 

Our Bookclubs

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Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information about book clubs and how to join, or if you need some assistance or advice for a group you might already be running independently.

Start your Bookclub with friends and family

See below tips for setting up a book club or chat group of your own. There are plenty of useful online resources that can help you with starting up your own club, including reading guides and recommended book selections.

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