Perilous Quest! Emerald Hill

An action-packed adventure story workshop. Ages 7 - 12

Friday 1 July

2 pm to 4 pm

Emerald Hill Library

100 Story Building Writing Workshop

You're about to set off on a quest - a journey fraught with obstacles and just a little bit of danger.  Don't worry though, all our heroes embark on their quest with a Hero's Backpack, filled with objects that may prove useful in a tricky spot.

Create a map of a strange land, profile your hero and their nemesis, fill the Hero's Backpack, then set off on an adventure story!

Age range: 7 - 12 years

This event is part of our Winter School Holiday Program.

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Covid-19 Restrictions have changed.

Proof of vaccination status is no longer needed to enter our libraries. Everyone is welcome. It is important to continue to physically distance. We recommend you keep a mask with you.