The Library was again pleased to partner with the Emerging Writers’ Festival to present four free events as part of the wonderful 2021 program. The festival is one of Australia’s most well-respected literary festivals. Catch up on what you may have missed!

Left to right: Rafeif Ismail, Beau Windon, Alexander Te Pohe

Owning the story

When: Sunday 20 June, 1 to 2 pm

How do we tell inclusive stories and who gets to write them? A panel of three writers discuss Own Voices narratives, their importance and how (and if) to include characters and experiences outside of your own in your writing.

With Rafeif Ismail, Beau Windon and Alexander Te Pohe.


When: Sunday 20 June, 7.30 to 8.30 pm

May contain adult themes, recommended for ages 18+

Sometimes all you want is to sip on a nice cup of tea and listen to a good story before bed. We invite you to put on your pyjamas and settle in for a cosy night of bedtime storytelling - with a twist. Escape the day with some of the best up-and-coming writers as they send you into a fantastical dreamscape with reimaginings of classic tales.

With Bryant Apolonio, Cheryl Ho, Jes Layton, Olivia Muscat, Merryana Salem and Melanie Saward

Top: Jes Layton, Cheryl Ho, Merryana Salem

Bottom: Melanie Saward, Olivia Muscat, Bryant Apolonio

Amazing Poetry Race

Begins 16 June until 26 June.

Free, throughout the City of Port Phillip.

Throughout EWF21, go on an amazing race to discover poetry across Port Phillip. Head out on a treasure hunt to collect all five poems. Scan the QR code on each poster to unveil the featured artists and their poetry on the EWF website. Be the first to find and take a selfie with all five poems (using hashtag #EWF21) for a special EWF-themed prize.

With Harry Reid, Jamali Thomas Bowden, Wen-Juenn Lee, Maya Hodge and Gareth Morgan

Writing Narrative for Games

When: Saturday 26 June, 2 to 4 pm (via Zoom)

So you love games and you love storytelling – how about levelling up and putting the two together? In this workshop, find out how writing for games is different from traditional writing, including the role of characterisation and world-building in game storytelling. Have a play with your new knowledge with some guided experimentation to get you started on your game writing journey.

Presented by Cecile Richard


Session ended

Cecile Richard