Watch and learn magic with the wondrous Elio Simonetti

Watch wonderful wizardry performed by that Master of Hocus Pocus, Elio Simonetti

Join us in being amazed with our school holiday program magic show!

Watch and learn some wondrous magic, presented by the Master of Hocus Pocus, Elio Simonetti.

Each day over the school holidays we will be launching a new mesmerising magic show for you all to enjoy. 

Four of the videos will be teaching you how to perform your very own magic so make sure you download the tutorial .pdf file.



Conjuring with Colour

Welcome to our first episode of Port Phillip Magic.

Be amazed as our resident magician Elio demonstrates his powers of sorcery and blends colours to his will.


Learn Lucky Numbers

Learn a marvellous magic trick with a pair of dice from our Master of Hocus Pocus Elio Simonetti.

You can also download a .pdf of instructions to help you learn this magic to astound your friends and family. 

Click here to download the instructions.


Old and New Magic

Act 3 of our magic program demonstrates the beauty of magic as both a performance and demonstration of illusion.


Learn magnetic personality

Learn a marvelous trick with a magic wand from that Master of Hocus Pocus, Elio Simonetti.

To help you learn this magic we have included a set of instructions that you can download by clicking here.

Sorcery of Spheres

Act 5 is a stunning demonstration of sleight of hand and mirage using spheres.

Also watch Elio, our Master magician recreate one of the oldest known magic tricks.

Learn the inseparable Trio

Act 6 is a magic tutorial using a pack of playing cards and some simple sorcery.
The always entertaining Elio passes along some of his secret knowledge for all aspiring magicians to add another trick to their repertoire.
Click here to download the instructions.

Watch wonders in white

Join us as we marvel at the talent and magic of Elio Simonetti. Act 7 of our school holiday magic program is another wondrous performance piece that you can view from the comfort of your lounge chair.

If you liked this one, make sure you check out all the other videos in the series, including the tutorials designed for beginner magicians.


Sounds like Magic

Ok this one had us completely stumped til we had it explained to us. In this, our final Act, Elio Simonetti  will teach young Hogwarts enthusiasts how to magically control sound.

You can download instructions to help by clicking on the link below.

Click here for instructions.

We really hope you have enjoyed this series and please let us know if you would like to see more in future as we love working with magic.