RBdigital Magazines

Zinio magazines has now become RBdigital.

To use RBdigital you’ll have to create two accounts – one to access the Port Phillip Library Service collection of digital magazines and a second to view the magazines in the RBdigital Viewer. The RBdigital Viewer account also enables access to the free mobile and desktop apps for PC/MAC, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Creating your RBdigital accounts

1. Visit RBdigital’s Port Phillip Library Service page
2. Choose ‘Create New Account’, and enter your library card number
3. Fill in the details including your name, email address and password, and click ‘Create Account’ (this is your first account)
4. Choose a magazine and click ‘Complete Checkout’
5. Fill in the details including your name, email address and password, and click ‘Register’ (this is your second account)
6. Fill in both forms with the exact same email address and password. The magazine will be issued and will appear within your browser.

Download RBdigital Digital Magazines to your computer

1. Visit the RBdigital’s Port Phillip Library Service page
2. Browse for magazine titles, you can find titles by keyword search, genre, or by simply browsing
3. Once you find a magazine you like, click on the cover to view more information
4. Click on 'Check Out' and you will be directed to log in, or create a new account
5. Go to your checked out items to start reading

For tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices

The RBdigital App is only used to read magazines. Once the magazine is completely downloaded it can be read offline. Magazines cannot be selected through the app, if you would like to select more titles, return to the Port Phillip Library Services RBdigital page.

Once you have set up your RBdigital account, download the app from the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores and follow these steps:

1. Go to the RBdigital settings, click the ‘Sign In’ button
2. Enter your login details (email address and password) and click ‘Submit’
3. Close settings, and click on the ‘Read’ button to see your checked out magazines
4. Click on the arrow to download the magazines to your device