Author Talk: Catherine de Saint Phalle, her novel Poum and Alexander

06:30PM 20/08/2019 - 08:00PM 20/08/2019

Author Talk: Catherine de Saint Phalle, her novel Poum and Alexander Event image


Catherine de Saint Phalle’s talk will focus on her memoir about her parents – Poum and Alexandre and growing up in France.

Poum and Alexandre is the story of two flawed eccentrics. Everything they do subverts their firm intention of keeping up appearances. They meet just after the war in liberated Paris. Alexandre is a banker and a Resistant and lives in a world of numbers and Roman emperors. Poum resides in the Odyssey and in her bed, hiding from the mysterious disapproval of their relatives, for they both seem to persist in some irreparable faux pas which has them wading through a lifetime pickle. Their daughter, Catherine, would like to help but she seems to be part of the problem.

Poum and Alexandre is a searingly honest, humorous and moving elegy to family and place, and a meditation on the ways they ultimately define us.

Catherine is the author of five novels published by Actes Sud and Buchet Chastel in Paris. Her novel On Brunswick Ground and her memoir Poum & Alexandre, for which she was shortlisted for the prestigious Stella Prize 2017, are published by Transit Lounge.


Emerald Hill Library and Heritage Center
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