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  • From 2:00PM Sun 28 Jul 2019 To 4:00PM Sun 28 Jul 2019

    St Kilda Cemetery

    Friends of St Kilda Cemetery tours - Coroners, Constabulary and Crime

  • From 2:00PM Sun 18 Aug 2019 To 4:00PM Sun 18 Aug 2019

    Enjoy this little-known ‘cul de sac’ St Kilda corner with its unusual residences and lanes on the former famed nursery estate of George Brunning (1830-1893).

  • From 2:00PM Sun 25 Aug 2019 To 4:00PM Sun 25 Aug 2019

    St Kilda Cemetery

    Friends of St Kilda Cemetery tours - Colonial Merchants of Melbourne

  • From 2:00PM Sat 31 Aug 2019 To 3:00PM Sat 31 Aug 2019

    St Kilda Library

    Sophie Cunningham speaks about her thought-provoking City of Trees, a collection of essays addressing how we can take in our planet’s beauty while processing its losses.

  • From 2:00PM Sat 7 Sep 2019 To 3:00PM Sat 7 Sep 2019

    St Kilda Library

    Writer and musician Sam George-Allen discusses her thoughtful work Witches: What Women Do Together, and how wherever women gather, magic happens.

  • From 2:00PM Sun 8 Sep 2019 To 4:00PM Sun 8 Sep 2019

    Explore stories from the less-known northern end of Port Melbourne with its transition into Montague and where Bay Street curves towards the City.

  • From 10:00AM Sat 19 Oct 2019 To 12:00PM Sat 19 Oct 2019

    Discover the many park transitions from wetland and Traditional Owners, working cottages, industrial ‘Hades’, art precinct and farmers’ market.

  • From 10:00AM Sun 10 Nov 2019 To 12:00PM Sun 10 Nov 2019

    Explore the places, events, stories and legacy of W F E Liardet and his family on the 180th anniversary of their arrival on 'The Beach' 11 November 1839.

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