Library membership

Temporary conditions for online membership:

During this time when the Library is temporarily closed you can join online and have immediate access to the wide range of our eResources. When you join online you will be issued with a membership number and set up your own password/pin.

This will allow you to start downloading ebooks and have access to the full range of online resources available from the library's website. All our online services are free of charge.

When the Library reopens after the Covid19 emergency you will need to bring your ID with proof of your current residential address to be able to borrow books, DVDs and other items from the Library.

The library has conditions of membership in order to ensure safe and equitable access to our services. You indicate your agreement to abide by these Conditions when you click on the button below to sign up for your online membership.

Restrictions on access to library services may be imposed on individuals who fail to abide by these conditions. This may include exclusion from the online library services for a period of time as determined by the Library Co-coordinator.

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