Conditions of Membership

The Port Phillip City Council welcomes everyone to become a member of the Library Service. Membership allows a person to borrow items and to have free use of the Internet, PC and Computer games facilities. Membership remains current for two (2) years after which patrons are required to re-register.

All members are expected to comply with the Conditions of membership listed below. The purpose of these conditions is to ensure that the Port Phillip City Council continues to provide a welcome and safe library environment to its members, visitors and staff for research, study, recreation and learning. These conditions of membership outline the engagement Council expects from all library members.

Restrictions to access Library resources may be imposed on individuals who fail to abide by these conditions. This may include exclusion from the Library and library services for a period of time as determined by the Library Co-ordinator.

Conditions of membership

To become a full member of the Port Phillip Library Service you must provide both suitable proof of identity and of current address. Photo-ID is not required. If you do not have these proofs please talk to a staff member about options for getting a limited membership with limited circulation rights.

As a member you must:

  • Be responsible for the custody of the Library card and report its loss to Library staff as soon as possible.
  • Not use facilities booked on anyone else’s Library card, or allow another person to use facilities booked with your Library card.
  • Not use another member’s Library card to borrow items unless you are collecting reservations on their behalf, are the guardian or parent of a juvenile member, or have been given permission to do so and this permission has been recorded on their record.
  • Be responsible for the care of all library items borrowed on the Library card and report to Library staff if any of these items have been either lost or damaged.
  • Be responsible for either the return of library items by the due date at time of issue or the renewal of the loan period for these items. This can be done either in person, online or via telephone.
  • Abide by all current circulation, computer use policies and booking policies. These shall be determined by the Library Co-ordinator.
  • Accept that the Library takes no responsibility for any damage that may occur to patrons’ equipment whilst borrowed videos, DVDs, compact discs or CD ROMs are in use.
  • Undertake to comply with the provisions of these conditions and any other policy adopted by Council or the Library Co-ordinator

Proof of agreement with the above conditions

So as to indicate that they agree with the above conditions people must sign the membership card. If the applicant is under 18 years of age they will need to obtain the signature of a parent or legal guardian who will act as a guarantor. An exception may be made for applicants who are aged 15 to 18 and live away from home, ie, do not have a legal guardian.


Council is aware of its privacy obligations under state legislation and seeks to maintain high standards of protection of member information. No Library member’s details will be provided to any outside organisation without prior consent, except in the case of a court order or an official written request by a member of the police force. The library may occasionally request feedback in an effort to improve our services. Please notify the library if you do not wish to receive these communications.

Suitable proofs of Identity and of current address

Proofs of current address can be in electronic and hard copy format and can include among other things health care cards, bills, rent receipts, bank statements, letters from institutions, leases, seniors cards, drivers licences, pension cards, passports etc.

Port Phillip City Council reserves the right to remove a person from its libraries who is in breach of its policies, cancel (either temporarily or permanently) their library membership or resort to public prosecution if the need arises.