Summary of Collection Development Protocol

The collection of the Port Phillip Library Service is a doorway to a conversation, to a network of experiences that reference each other and engage the library user in turn.
It develops in response to the current and future information, recreation, educational and cultural needs and expectations of the diverse groups that make up the community of the City of Port Phillip. These needs and expectations determine the allocation of funds to the hardcopy collection.
This collection is supplemented by a growing collection of e-audio, e-books, e-magazines, e-music, e-movies and other digital resources.

The principal methods of assessment for how each collection will develop are their circulation statistics balanced by an understanding of the current and emerging context within which the community of Port Phillip operates. Currently Council is committed to ensuring that 47% of each of the library’s hardcopy collections is aged five years of age or less.

The library upholds the principles set down in the Australian Library and Information Association’s statement on free access to information which states that “library and information services have particular responsibilities in supporting and sustaining the free flow of information and ideas”. To this end library materials are selected to ensure that a variety of viewpoints are represented in the collection not withstanding that some topics may be considered controversial by different parts of the Port Phillip Community.

Our collection:

  • Provides a supportive role to formal education rather than a direct one through the provision of text books
  • Endeavours to include standard or classic works on a variety of subjects and in a variety of formats including Audio Visual material
  • Supports the development of the information, social, and literacy skills of children and young people (those aged 18 years or younger)
  • Provides resources in a variety of community languages based on demographic information and demonstrated interest by a specific language community in gaining access to resources
  • Does not restrict access to items beyond what has been decided by the Australian Classification Board

Items are added that are appropriate for their subject area and the needs, abilities and interest of those for whom they are selected. These new items are selected in a format that is suitable for use as part of a lending collection.
In addition an ongoing withdrawal program is maintained to ensure that the collection is both relevant and of high quality. Apart from criteria established for specific collections items are identified for potential withdrawal that are damaged, contain out dated information, or are over five years of age and have not been borrowed in the last two years. Withdrawn items are disposed of through book sales and donations to schools, community organisations and charities.