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Library services that connect, empower, respond to and captivate you!

Our libraries are a doorway to a conversation, to a network of experiences that reference each other and engage the community in turn. This conversation might take place face to face, online or via a book, a movie or a song. Our libraries speak to people’s immediate needs, but also recognise their capacity for wonder, their long-term dreams, their questions and aspirations. Libraries are well-placed to spark, to stimulate and to capture this conversation.

Everyone has the right to access and share this conversation. Port Phillip City Council is committed to the provision of a responsive library service that meets the future needs and aspirations of our diverse community. Library services play a central role in the City’s civic and cultural ‘infrastructure’ and contribute to this creative, engaged, vibrant and resilient community. Council recognises this role and invests in critical library infrastructure such as spaces, collections, information and online capacity.

The Port Phillip Library Service reaches out to the community through its physical and online network. It has five branches : the St Kilda headquarters within the vibrant Carlisle street ‘village’, a cosy ‘community living room’ in Middle Park, and busy much-loved branches in Port Melbourne, Albert Park and Emerald Hill. A Home Library Service provides access for those engaged and enthusiastic users unable to attend physical locations across the municipality. The library also provides services online through its website, which hosts the library catalogue, links to downloadable resources, member services in English and other languages, as well as information about resources, heritage and library programs

Port Phillip Library Service has more than 70,000 members, by far the largest membership group in the municipality. Like all contemporary libraries, the Library Service responds to both a high demand for traditional services such as spaces, programs and hard copy collections, as well as ever-increasing demand for new online services available across a range of formats and devices. Individuals and groups access and interpret information, formulate ideas and express opinions to one another with unprecedented speed. This shift reflects a reinterpretation of the word ‘community’ to include local and global virtual communities.

In response to this ever-changing dynamic, public libraries are taking up multiple roles. Libraries assist their communities to access, interpret and consume hard copy and online content via collections, staff, spaces and programs that support 21st century literacies. At the same time libraries provide flexible environments that offer active and creative experiences, where stories are created and captured and voices are heard.

The Port Phillip Library Service aims to:

CONNECT - We will connect people with information and resources. We will connect people with one another, providing opportunities for them to share experiences and ideas. Through collections and technology access we will connect people with the wider world.

EMPOWER - We will empower people of all ages to learn and to transform their lives. Early years and adult literacy programs, technology training, access to lifelong learning, programs and collections will inspire people to participate, to contribute, to create and to grow.

RESPOND - We will listen and respond to our diverse community by providing resources that are relevant to their needs, aspirations and dreams. We will maintain and improve mechanisms that allow feedback to be given and acted upon.

CAPTIVATE - We will foster a sense of local identity by creating opportunities for participation in the life of the Port Phillip community. We will maintain safe and welcoming spaces and services. We will provide platforms through which stories and experiences that inform and engage our community can be shared and heard by others.

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