Broadening your horizons

Ready to get out into the world and make your mark? Here's some useful information about the ways you might like to do that.

Getting your driver's license

If you're preparing to get your license, you'll need to brush up on the road rules, and you might want to download the free PDF of VicRoads's useful Road to Solo Driving handbook. You can buy a print copy from the same page, or you can try your luck for one of the library's copies. (Be warned you'll almost certainly have to reserve it, and you'll only get it for a few weeks because the demand is usually pretty high.)

When you're ready, go to the Vicroads Get your Ls page to learn what you need to do to take the test. Then make sure you get plenty of practice, in as many different conditions as possible! And finally, here's the link for when you're ready to get your P-plates.

Driver Education

aussie driver education.jpg provides a free online program for Australian learners who want to practice their skills before taking their Learner's Permit Test. There are 3 car practice tests (each containing 45 unique questions), an online version of the official Victorian Driver’s Handbook and an extensive FAQ section.

Getting a job

Ready to move on? The library can help you find a job.

Studying overseas

Driving lets you physically expand your horizons, but studying overseas gets you whole new horizons! There's a lot to think about when considering overseas travel, and even more when studying in another country, but below are a couple of organizations that might help you get started.

Student Exchange

World Exchange Program

Making a difference

You don't need to travel to learn about other parts of the world - or to do something about what you learn. Here are just a few reputable groups who can help you make an informed difference.

  • Amnesty International (and the Australian section) - the world's premier human rights organisation, with 50 years of defending human rights and counting. Stringently independent, democratically governed by the members who use its campaign materials, and well-respected worldwide; even governments who deny its criticisms of them will cite its criticisms of others.
  • ANTaR (Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation) - an organisation for all Australians who want to oppose the injustices faced by First Australians. Politically non-partisan, independent, and democratically governed.
  • Oxfam (and Oxfam Australia) - a globally respected aid and development body, Oxfam has been campaigning against extreme poverty for decades.
  • Australian Red Cross (ARC) - working for peace and emergency relief for over one hundred years.

There are plenty of other Non Government Organisations out there making a difference though - here's a list of accredited NGO's to get you started.

You don't have to stray far to do some good. Get involved in your local community!

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