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Tips for parents to support learning

Homework is an opportunity for you to participate in your child’s education. It complements and reinforces classroom learning while fostering lifelong study habits.

Schools usually advise you of homework expectations at the beginning of the year and can provide you with a copy of the school’s homework policy. The homework set for your child will vary depending on their age, the subject and the school’s approach to homework.

Some ways you can help your child with their homework:

  • encourage a regular daily time to examine and complete homework
  • discuss key questions or suggest resources to help with homework
  • help to balance the amount of time spent between homework and recreational activities
  • ask how homework and class work is progressing and acknowledge   success
  • attend school events, productions or displays your child is involved in
  • talk to teachers to discuss problems with homework
  • check whether homework has been set and encourage your child to keep a homework   diary
  • discuss homework with your child in their first language (if English is not the main language spoken at home).

For more information on how else you can help your child at school see Creating a study environment at home

More information

For questions about your child’s homework, contact your child’s school.

For more information on resources see "Supporting your child's learning" on the Education Department of Victoria's website