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Lifelong learning

Learning doesn’t stop at school or university. Learning is for life! What you were interested in when you were 18 isn’t usually what you are interested in when you’re 80. You don’t have to get a degree; you can do a course or follow up an interest.

The library supports learning for all

Whether you’re in a formal course or engaged in informal study, we are here to help.

Using the library

Not only can you borrow books, DVDs, CDs and magazines, the library has quiet spaces for research and free internet and wi-fi access.

Don’t have time to visit? Explore our Library Catalogue and our Online Reference Centre where you can search for information on our online databases.

Finding courses

The University of the Third Age - U3A   

U3A members organise their own activities by drawing on the skills of one another. Like-minded members from all walks of life are encouraged to form study groups and share their knowledge with fellow members, all on a voluntary basis.

Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC)

This is a centralised admissions centre for most undergraduate university and TAFE courses. 

Adult Migrant Education Service

Help with vocational training, English for students, and English for the workplace.

TAFE Victoria Skills gateway

TAFE can kickstart your career or create a pathway to university. There are hundreds of courses to give you skills and training to help get the job you want.

Online courses and classes
Over 500 free online courses from the world's leading universities. Yale, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and many others are sharing lectures and videos with lifelong learners from all around the world.
An online provider teamed with many universities including Princeton, Stanford, University of Tokyo, MOMA (US), offering hundreds of free online courses in a range of subjects, with interactive exercises and assessment mostly by univeristy staff. Courses start on set dates, but there is plenty of time given to complete them. They range from 4 - 17 weeks.
Whether you are looking for a master’s degree program, computer science classes, a curriculum or study program, Open Colleges has put together this list which gives you a look at 50 websites that promise education for free.

The Khan Academy
Need to brush up on your maths or science or economics or history? The Khan Academy has videos to bring you up to speed. A bit more of an academic bent, but well explained and clear.

iTunes U
Another useful resource available on the internet is iTunes U. If you don't want to commit to a set course, you can just listen to or view lectures or tutorials on a massive range of subjects from depth of field in photography to the literature of crisis. Provided by a host of different providers inlcuding top notch institutions like Cambridge, Oxford, Stanford. Enjoy on your  PC, Mac or iDevice on the go.

Just go to iTunes Store (you'll need to have iTunes installed) and click on iTunes U, or search a subject.


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Go Digi is a National Digital Literacy Project to help you realise your online potential and learn about things like: • How to create your own email address • What is e-Bay and how to start selling items with e-Bay • How do I get a mobile app • How to use Skype • How to find info on-line in different languages.


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Practical Writing will help you develop your writing skills, both for school (for example, essays) and for life (for example, job applications). We are trialling this product for three months - please give it a go and tell us what you think via the feedback form below or by emailing

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