Library service update 14 December

The holiday season is upon us and we wish everyone a happy and safe time with friends and family. Since late November we have re-opened all of our libraries to the community once again, offering public PC’s, WIFI, onsite browsing and friendly library staff. We have loved seeing all of return to say hello and swap stories of this interesting time in our lives.

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Summer craft activities

Enjoy free kids and teen summer holiday craft activities

Decorate a library bag, send us a picture complete with either a list of books you will be borrowing or a snap of your recently borrowed books.


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Download Library Apps

Find all our Library apps in one place and start reading, streaming, downloading and listening today.

Use the built in filter to find what you are into and then follow the steps to setup the apps you want. These are all free all the time, so jump in.


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Top borrowed items of 2020

Do you need something new to read? Why not try one of the 2020 top 20 most borrowed titles.📚🏆😀

FYI: Library login required to reserve these titles.


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